Monday, June 29, 2009

Daddy Had A...Procedure...

I keep saying I will spend more time blogging, but I keep NOT doing it!
Well, Mr. T had the BIG V on Friday, so our weekend was filled with much whining (him) and much taking care of whining people (me) and lots of kids who don't understand, "No, no, Daddy isn't sick...he just...hurts!" YOU try keeping a 5 year old and a 2 year old out of the way while keeping a 3 month old quiet...yeah, not so much.
But anyway, T had his procedure done and we are feeling really good about the fact that we are DONE (D-O-N-E!!!) having kids. I will feel a whole lot better in the next month when I can be certain I am not already pregnant again!! We have this amazing ability to think the word BABY and WHAM! I am knocked up...
So Giz had a lot of questions when Daddy tried to explain that he had gone to the doctors because Mommy & Daddy are done having babies and the doctor made it so we couldn't have any more.
Giz-But WHY don't you want more babies, Daddy?

Mr. T-Because we are happy with the three we have!

Giz-So how did the doctor make sure?

Mr T-Well, he had to do a little surgery.

Giz-So he had to cut you? He cut your belly? Because that is where babies come from!

Mr T-No, no...not exactly my belly...

Giz-Well then where? Where did he cut you, Daddy?
(me laughing)

Mr. T-(whispering) Help me out here!

Me-Just tell him the doctor took care of it and that is all he needs to know for now!

Mr. T-Okay, Giz, the doctor took care of it and that is all you need to know for now!

Giz-Okay Daddy...

And he went back to singing Boom, Boom, Pow...My kid loves the Black Eyed Peas.

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