Monday, June 29, 2009


The boys are playing airplanes. Giz has a balsa wood plane that is likely to break at any second which will result in many tears...and Patch has a foam-ish kind of airplane that belongs to Giz...
This is the conversations...
(Both kids making VVVVVVVVrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmm noises)
Giz-STOP making that noice Patch!
Patch-Whaaaat? Vvvvrrrmmmmm
Giz-Stop it! Your plane doesn't HAVE a jet engine. Only MY plane has a jet engine so STOP IT.
Patch-Whaaaat? My pane not have engine?
Giz-NO! Yours doesn't so stop making that noise!
Patch-Vvvrrmmmmm Vvvrrmmmm
Giz-Fine! I am taking your plane! No more plane!
Patch-(SCREAMING) Nooooooooo no no no no...MY PANE!
And now I have to go break up the plane fight....

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