Wednesday, April 22, 2009


"Mom2Gizmo" was the name I picked a long, long time ago (read: 5 years!) when I only had one munchkin who called me mom. "Gizmo" was the name my husband gave him 3 days after birth when he decided he looked more like a gremlin than a sweet baby. Of course, according to my husband, "Gizmo" was obviously the CUTE gremlin.
But is much different! Gizmo (aka-Donovan) is 5, boy #2-our Monkey, Patrick (aka-Patch)- is 2!, and the girl, Matilda (aka-Mattie-moo), now nicknamed "Mrs. Bubblefish" is 4 weeks old. I just couldn't see the sense in "Mom2GizmoMonkeyBubblefish" as a great name...
How does a four week old get a nickname like "Mrs. Bubblefish?" Yea...we don't really know, either. Gizmo walked up one day and said, "Well, Hello, Mrs. Bubblefish!" and it stuck!
So...right now I am a huge fan of lots of Mommyblogs and figured I would start my own. My top three blogs to read are all written by smart, sassy, and hilarious moms...Dooce (of don't know your mommyblogging if you don't know H.B.A.), Ashley, and Snarky Mom.

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